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EBAS emerges from the knowledge and business development of two companies with an extensive  aeronautic experience which have joined forces to achieve a product of the highest quality, applying innovation and adding value in the manufacture of illuminated panels.
Responding to the various  challenges encountered and through a strategy of continuous improvement in our operations and the professional level of our engineers, we have reach several contracts of high precision parts for Satellites and Avionics.
EBAS can provide a greater guarantee of the final outcome of the product, to the greater convenience of our customer.


NVIS illumination panels for cockpit. The NVIS technology ensures that the panel is compatible with NVIS goggles under extreme conditions. The EBAS panels complies all technical requirements described in MIL-STD-3009 and SAE-AS-7788.

Machined parts for Satellites

Metallics for Avionic Housing

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Phone: +34 954 115 165

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    Phone: +34 954 115 165
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