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MADES’ services include Product Development, Electronic Manufacturing, Functional Test Development, and Integration Services.

Since 1990, MADES has been a major supplier of circuit card assemblies and system level electronic assemblies in North America and Europe. MADES’ Spain facility provides high-quality electronic assemblies and services that can be seamlessly integrated with higher level systems for complete customer solutions.

Vertical capability in electronic systems makes MADES a streamlined “one-stop” global supplier for even the most complex technology requirements. Given the continuous investment in people, technologies and the focus on customer service, the company is the ideal partner for mission critical electronic systems.


Featured products: 

Manufacturing, Assembly and Test of complex electronic systems, including:

-Actuation systems


-Interoperability communications

-Radiofrequency CCAs


-Navigation systems

-Supervisory control systems

-Data acquisition systems

-Targetting systems

-Power and Control electronics

-Test systems

-Vision systems

-IFF Transponder electronics

-Countermeasure equipment

-Bluetooth connectivity systems

-Radio communications

-Surveillance systems

-High end camera electronics


-Lean Manufacturing, Assembly, Test and Integration of High Reliability Electronic Systems.

-Industrialization, prototyping and Support at Product Development

-Development of Functional Test Equipment

-Program Support during its life cycle(MRO)

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