MP is Engineering and Industrial Services. MP applies engineering to productive processes in the aeronautical sector, with integral projects in manufacturing and assembly processes; tooling design, manufacture and assembly. MP has high added value industrial services such as integral productive means and facility maintenance and logistic management of specific spare parts & systems.

Featured products: 

C295 and CN235 final assembly re-engineering.
Definition of A400M final assembly processes.
Analysis, development and update of assembly processes.
LEAN manufacturing processes and assembly tools.


Engineering and industrial services.
Manufacturing and assembly process engineering.
Tooling design, manufacture and assembly.
Integral maintenance services.
Productive means and facilities implementation.


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MP Pol. Ind. Calonge. c/ Metalurgia, 5 41007 Seville Alfonso Vargas Sánchez Engineering Director T (+34) 954 35 05 68 F (+34) 354 43 63 56