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Since 1993, NAVAIR has been maintaining its aim of developing and manufacturing products for Defence. After excellent results for 15 years, NAVAIR has recently aimed at internationalisation, establishing new facilities in Mexico. Its innovation capabilities became a multinational corporation.

Featured products: 

VEGA project (harnesses).
CN-235, C295 and C212 (harnesses and central stations);
ERJ 145/135 (pipe supports);
CRJ 700 and CRJ 1000 (pipe supports);
A340, A380 and A400M (aeronautical unions)
SH60R helicopters (harnesses).


Design and manufacture of harnesses, mechanical equipment &
pipeline systems for aeronautic & space.

Contact Information Navair


Navair, S.L.
Parque Tecnológico y Aeronáutico de Andalucía - Aerópolis
c/ Juan Olivert, nº 26 y 28
41309 La Rinconada (Seville)
Alberto Simón Zambrano
General Director
T (+34) 954 91 56 46
F (+34) 954 91 53 33