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Focused on manufacture and machining in the aviation sector we provide all the procedures implied in the production of machined parts and integral project management.

Following a work philosophy that enables us to develop from the smallest to the most complex projects we offer to our customers a wide diversity of services supported by a fluent and professional communication.

Investments and work are based on a professional and technical continuous development, which has allowed us to transform a familiar business into a strong company keeping high quality standards.

Featured products: 

Counting with 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis machining centres and double head Y-axis lathes we are able to manufacture parts up to 5 meters in longitudinal direction and a diameter of 400mm in turning parts.

We provide a wide experience in the manufacture of precision metal components as titanium, aluminium, Inconel, PH and others.



Specialized in AOG we offer a quick response to the needs of our customers supported by our R&D&I department.

Our technical and professional team becomes implied in every single step towards a constant improvement in efficiency and quality in the manufacturing process.

The combination of a deep “know how” with the latest technology enables us to offer an excellent and accurate final product. 


Contact Information NOMASA INNOVA S.L


Puedes contactarnos a través de nuestro email: o teléfono +34 955631463.