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Torsesa is a leader in the field of industrial supplies and services integrated management tools, industrial safety equipment and consumables and traceable custom manufacturing equipment, ensuring its customers improve production flows and a strong reduction operating costs.

Headquartered in Seville and offices / warehouses in Algeciras, Cádiz, Córdoba, Huelva and Madrid, the company, founded in 1982, serves more than 3,000 clients in Spain from different sectors. Torsesa established in 2002 its aviation division, the result of its strong expertise in the sector, which was already working for several years.

It is currently a strategic supplier of Airbus Defence & Space in all its plants in Spain and collaborates with leading aerospace companies providing a comprehensive solution of purchases and maintenance, with coordinated maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) of a wide variety of manufacturing processes supply and customer service also including at plant. The firm has a team of 110 people.


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Direction: P.I. Carretera Amarilla
Avda. Montes Sierra, 5
41007 Sevillla
Phone: 954 670 300
Contact: Fernando Esquivel, Marketing Manager

  • P.I. Carretera Amarilla
    Avda. Montes Sierra, 5
    41007 Sevilla , Sevilla
    Sevilla ES