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Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Seville, Global Q is a leading provider of quality management and Quality control services for the aerospace sector in Spain. With a team of more than 80 inspectors and engineers, Global Q delivers solutions for the main aerospace manufacturing hubs on the Iberian Peninsula.

In 2015, Global Q was acquired by TRIGO Group, global leader in delivering quality solutions to the transportation industries (e.g.: aerospace, automotive, railway, and heavy transportation, etc.)

Founded in 1997, TRIGO is a multinational company providing operational Quality Management solutions for the manufacturing sector, especially in the transportation industries. With a team of more than 7000 professionals present in 20+ countries across 4 continents, TRIGO offers a comprehensive portfolio of Quality Inspection, Engineering, and Management Services all along the supply chain.

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Featured products: 

       Verification of Product (all manufacturing technologies), Assemblies and Aircrafts.

Internal and External Audits of Quality Systems, Processes and Products.

 Customer Focal Point.

Technical Documentation Management.

Non Conformities and Corrective/Preventive Actions Management.

 Non Quality Costs Reduction.

 All Manufacturing Technologies Process Control.

Consulting of Special Processes for PRI NADCAP Certification.

Consulting Quality Certifications.

LEAN and Practical Problem Solving Projects.

Product Configuration Management.

Manufacturing and Assembly Tooling Measurement, Analysis and Maintenance.



TRIGO Global Q offers Quality services all along the aerospace supply chain.

Quality Management:
- Practical Problem Solving Projects and Quality Costs reductions
- Domestic and International CUSTOMER FOCAL POINT
- Product CONFIGURATION Management
- TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION Management (FAIs, Delivery documentation, Quality Technical Instructions, Processes revisions and updates...)
- LEAN Projects

Quality Engineering:
- Non Conformities and Corrective/Preventive Actions Management
- Monitoring / Follow up / Audits of PRODUCT and SUPPLIERS both domestic and international
- Domestic and International CUSTOMER FOCAL POINT
- Internal / External AUDITS of quality systems and processes

Quality Control
- VERIFICATION of product, assemblies and aircrafts of different technologies
- Control and PROCESS verification and production means and tooling
- TOOLING management (measurement, analysis, maintenance)

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