The Andalusian Centre of Metrology (CAM) is an initiative created by the Government of Andalusia, whose main objective is to contribute to the economic and social development of Andalusia, offering a metrology and calibration service to the Andalusian industry.

Since its founding, the CAM's mission is to provide technological support to industry, supporting, encouraging and facilitating the use of technology as a tool for innovation and improving competitiveness of Andalusian companies. Currently, CAM is embarked on an era of increasing its activities to meet the growing metrological demand in the Andalusian industry, thus helping to improve the technological level and production capacity of these companies, to ensure that all the needs in this field can be met.
Activities :


    Productos y Servicios: 
    Metrology and calibration service Training programs R + D + I
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    Información de Contacto: 
    Camino de los Descubrimientos, s/n,
    41092 Sevilla. España.
    Telf: +34 954 487 383.
    Fax: +34 954 487 382.