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Consultants and engineers specialised in aerospace industry & aviation.

A complete vision covering everything from the Aircraft industrial cycle, to the entire life cycle of an Airport, along with the development and integration of all types of systems required in both these fields.

AERTEC Solutions adds value to all the aeronautical programmes in which it is involved, with highly qualified personnel specialising in industrial operation engineering, aircraft International systems and specific infrastructures.

Productos Destacados: 

FAL A400M Logistic & Assembly Planning / External Logistic Center Infrastructure & Consultancy. CAP MRTT Industrial Organization & Logistics Consultancy. Airbus Military A400M RAT Retraction Tool. CASA C295/CN235 FAL relocation Management. Airbus Military A400M AIM’s Project Management.


AERONAUTICAL INDUSTRY (CONSULTANCY – INFRASTRUCTURES – INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS – SYSTEMS) Industrial organization with Lean and Six Sigma philosophies. Definition of internal and external logistic processes. Definition & development of supply chain, processes, assembly tooling and IT tools. Aeronautical systems (fuel, electric, hydraulic, power plant, landing gear, avionics), testing benches and equipment, aeronautical software, systems for unmanned aircraft. AIRPORTS (CONSULTANCY – INFRASTRUCTURES – AIRPORT OPERATIONS – SYSTEMS) Airport master plans, Feasibility studies, Capital expenditure and operability studies, safety and emergencies Consultancy; Airfields, Terminal areas, Airport installations, AGL and Navigation Aids, Airport Operations, Safety and emergencies Infrastructures; ICT, Process control and operation Systems.


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AERTEC Solutions
Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía. C/ María Curie, 10
29590 Malaga

Antonio Gómez-Guillamón
General Director

T (+34) 95 10 10 200

  • Hispano Aviación, 11 Aerópolis, Parque Tecnológico Aeroespacial de Andalucía
    41309 La Rinconada (Seville) , Sevilla
    Sevilla ES
  • Maria Curie, 10 Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía
    29590 Málaga , Malaga
    Malaga ES