Since its establishment in 1987, CM Computer has designed and crafted the highest performance products, balancing proven old-school military hardware design with the advantage of current COTS open architectures. Our experience enhances product innovation and competitiveness. The current series of boards and ATR chassis are based on well proven technology that accepts only solutions that have been field demonstrated to be most efficient.


Productos y Servicios: 
  • CM-ATR-X5/SIXHEX Chassis Series         
  • Updated Synchro-Resolver I/O Modules
  • CM-ATR-X5 Chassis Series         
  • Synchro-Resolver I/O Modules
  • CM-RA-S0 Chassis Series         
  • Updated A/D Modules
  • MC-68040/60 CPU Modules         
  • Updated D/A Modules
  • CM-Pack Mezzanine module for CM-CPU-40/60         
  • A/D & D/A Modules
  • MC-68020/30 CPU Modules         
  • Updated Discrete Output Modules
  • Graphic Modules         
  • Updated Discrete Input Modules
  • Memory Expansion Modules         
  • Discrete I/O Modules
  • Updated I/O Controllers         
  • 19" Rackable Power Supplies
  • I/O Controllers         
  • Chassis Mounting Trays
Productos Destacados: 




Información de Contacto: 
COMPUTADORES MODULARES, S.A. (CM COMPUTER) Avda. Alcalde Luis Uruñuela, s/n Edificio Congresos, 3-14 41020 – Sevilla (SPAIN) Tel: (34) 95 425 31 16 Fax: (34) 95 425 31 19 E-mail: cmatcmcompuer [dot] com