The aeronautical company Aciturri has made its definitive entry in the Andalusian sector after reaching an agreement with Aeronáutica del Sur, Aerosur, to purchase a 49% interest in this Seville company, which is expected to reach 100% in the coming years. Aciturri, which had a turnover of nearly 100 million euros in 2009 and will now have eight plants and nearly 1,000 employees, is now one of the main suppliers to the sector at a national level. Its presence in Andalusia is part of its strategy of growth to opt for larger contracts with major aeronautical manufacturers

Burgos Savings Bank prior to commencing the purchases of other companies, and subsequent interests in Caja Duero, Madrigal Participaciones and ADE Parques Tecnológicos de la Junta de Castilla y León.

With the establishment of Aciturri in Andalusia, home of the third FAL in Europe after Hamburg and Toulouse, this company with its head office in Miranda del Ebro is seeking to consolidate its position as a Tier 1 aeronautical supplier through the incorporation of Aerosur, a company with significant capacity and know-how and more than 15 years’ experience in the area of integration, assembly and fitting out of large aerostructures.

This Seville firm has been carrying out its activities since 1995 in the Andalusian region through its facilities in Seville, El Puerto de Santa María and Cádiz. It has a staff of 280 employees and its main activity is the development and assembly of aerostructures using metal and composite material technology. This Andalusian firm works on various major programmes in the sector for leading aeronautical companies including EADS, Airbus and Boeing.

These include structural assembly and fitting out of the central wing box for the Cn235; integration of the wing section and structural assembly and fitting out of the central wing box for the Cn295; structural assembly of Section 18 of the A318, A319, A320 and A321 programmes; structural assembly of the passenger doorsthe A330 and A340; and the rudder for the Boeing B737.

New dimension

Following its acquisition of the share capital of Aerosur, Aciturrri Aeronautica has significantly extended its presence in the Spanish aeronautical sector and its international scope, not to mention its sales volume and staff numbers. The group, which had a turnover of approximately 100 million euros in 2009, will now have nearly 1,000 employees, with nearly 300 employees from Aerosur in addition to the 700 direct workers which the firm already employs.

It will also now manage a total of eight production plants throughout Spanish territory, with two in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos) and others in Berantevilla (Álava), the Boecillo Technology Park (Valladolid), Tres Cantos (Madrid) and the three plants of Aerosur in Seville and Cádiz. Aciturri currently has around 50,000 square metres of facilities without including the plants of Aerosur. These include eight autoclaves, a clean room measuring around 5,000 square metres (used for the application of composite materials), molding rooms with a conveyor belt (for the application of carbon fiber), automated paint and surface treatment equipment, probes, 3-D measurement devices and ultrasound and x-ray equipment. Aciturri is establishing itself in Andalusia, where the aeronautical sector has undergone significant growth in terms of turnover, employment and workloads and has demonstrated its skill and competitiveness on the international aeronautical market. This will enable this Spanish company not only to expand its portfolio of orders, but also to forge relationships with other Andalusian firms to help secure new contracts in the future.

The work from here on will focus on Aerosur’s integration with the other production plants “in order to provide our customers with an increasingly more complete service,” assures the company. Aciturri is a supplier for major aeronautical manufacturers and is a risk sharing partner under programmes such as the A350, for the manufacture of the internal parts of Section 19 and the design and manufacture of the Vertical Tail Plane (VTP); the design of the elevator, manufacture of the rudder spar and assembly of the sponsors for the A400M; and the elevator, the rudder and zone 2 of the belly fairing for the A380.

The company is also responsible for the manufacture of parts for the “Hoist” and “Era” actuation systems of the A330 MRTT and another two jobs relating to the wings and the fuel system.

Apart from EADS, Airbus and Boeing, the company also works for other important customers and companies in the sector such as Embraer, Bombardier, Astrium, CESA, Aernnova, ITP, Sener, Dassault Aviation and Alestis Aerospace, which is now one of its main competitors in Andalusia.

In the field of engines, it also works with practically all the Trent family of engines by Rolls-Royce, including the engines for the A380 and the A350, the TP 400DSI of the A400M and the V3500 for Chevrolet.

Constant growth over nearly a quarter of a century

With an emphasis on the aeronautical, electronic, automotive and capital resource sectors, Aciturri is the result of the merger in 2009 of the companies Mecanizados Ginés, SPASA, CASTLE AERO and Index with the Aries Group, which comprises Aries Complex, Aresa and ACTA Tecnología Aeroespacial. The firm’s activities include engineering, design, manufacture and assembly of aerostructures and different engine mechanisms and parts, offering a comprehensive range of quality services to its customers. Aciturri had its origins in 1977 with the creation of Talleres Ginés by Ginés Clemente, its current CEO, which was renamed Mecanizados Ginés five years later. As a consequence of the boom in the aeronautical sector in Castilla y León and Spain in general, in 1995 the second company in the group was constituted, Subcontratación de Productos Aeronáuticos (SPASA).

Moving into the 21st century, CASTLE AERO was launched in 2001, a new company dedicated to providing comprehensive services in the field of design, production and assembly of aeronautical structures and systems. One year later, the company Index, Servicios de Ingeniería was constituted. Finally, in late 2008 the group made its most recent acquisition, the Aries Group, which is also dedicated to the aeronautical sector. The current shareholder structure of Aciturri is as follows: Aciturri SL (51.24%), Madrigal Participaciones (17.88%), Caja Duero (15.85%), Caja de Burgos (12.81%), and ADE Parques Tecnológicos de la Junta de Castilla y León (2.23%).

As part of its constant commitment to improvement, all the companies in the Aciturri Group are certified under ISO 9001 and comply with all the most demanding standards applicable to the sectors in which they work. Aciturri also places special emphasis and strategic importance on the development of RDI activities, to ensure continual innovation of its processes and the development of new lines of business. Highlights among its main research areas include new manufacturing technologies, aerostructures, research into applications of new materials, automation, robotics and renewable energies.

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