During the event organised to present the sector report, the Regional Minister of the Economy, Innovation and Science, Antonio Ávila, also inaugurated the Aeropolis Business Centre. Located on a site measuring more than 10,000 square metres and with a total buildable area of more than 20,500 square metres, the Business Centre is located at the Andalusian Aerospace Technology Park, Aeropolis.

The Centre, which has been operating for various months, has been created with the intention of providing services and support for the growth and sustainability strategies of companies in the Andalusian aeronautical sector. It offers business services and support in the areas of research, technological development, innovation, technology transfer, networking and in general, all actions which are directed towards an increase in the competitiveness of the sector.

The Centre currently has seven companies dedicated to aeronautical engineering and design:

Aerospace Consulting & Services, Aerosertec, S.L.;  Aeronáutica, Ingeniería, Energías Renovables y Seguridad, S.L.L. (AERYS); CT Ingenieros; Laboratorio de Metrología y Calibración Industrial (Laboratorio MCI); UMI AERONÁUTICA and ENASA Aeronautical Training.

The management of the Park also has its offices in the Centre. The building, the first phase of which has involved an investment of 12.6 million euros, was selected by the Jury of the Spanish Architecture Prize 2009, an award which is granted every two years by the Higher Council of Architect’s Associations of Spain.

Thursday, April 1, 2010 (All day)