AERTEC Solutions, the international engineering and consultancy firm specialised in airports, the aeronautical industry and aerospace & defence, has today presented the launch of a new grant programme aimed at university students who can collaborate with the company in the development of new technologies and innovative solutions to be applied to the industry's most significant areas, particularly aerospace and defence systems.

The initiative, called "AERTEC Solutions Challenge", seeks to attract the talent of young university students in order to resolve a variety of technological challenges that can be directly applied to remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS). The aim is to ensure university students can collaborate with AERTEC Solutions' Aerospace and Defence Systems Division in the development of some of the embedded systems the company wishes to incorporate into the unmanned aerial vehicles it has been designing in recent years.

This programme can count on the collaboration of the University of Malaga and the Andalusia Technology Park (PTA - Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía) and was presented at the 5th Transfer Forum (Foro Transfiere) hold in Málaga last week, in which AERTEC Solutions took part.

Antonio Gómez-Guillamón affirmed that "The main aim is to build a long-term relationship between the university and the company under the aegis of a real technological-industrial project, so that students can take part in the work which will be performed and transferred to the industry, and not in a laboratory or research centre".

The programme's first challenge is specifically geared at looking into the feasibility of increasing the range of ground-air transmissions between ground stations and one of the light high-technology tactical RPAS being developed by AERTEC Solutions for observation and surveillance applications.

The first challenge of the "AERTEC Solutions Challenge" is especially aimed at groups of students in their final year at the UMA's Telecommunications, Industrial and Computer Engineering Schools, though it is open to students studying any kind of degree who wish to take part.

Each team's project will be carried out over a two-month period. During that time, registered groups can carry out their work at the facilities of their departments or schools, or at the Link by UMA space located in the Green Bay Building shared by the University of Malaga and the Andalusia Technology Park in the Teatinos Campus.

The programme also includes meetings to be held by video conference between each of the groups of participants and the AERTEC Solutions Aerospace and Defence Systems technical team from the Link by UMA space. These meetings will resolve any doubts that may have arisen during the course of their work.

Prize and registration period
The overall prize for the winning group amounts to €3,000 and includes economic or material aid to continue with their university studies and/or a work grant to carry on developing the solution proposed during three months at the AERTEC Solutions offices in the PTA in Malaga.

After its launch at the Transfer Forum, the company and its collaborators will conduct an awareness-raising campaign for the programme at the University of Malaga's departments and engineering schools with a variety of promotional materials and specifically designed posters. A detailed presentation of the programme's first challenge has also been planned for students wishing to preregister.

The formal preregistration period is from March 1 to March 15, during which time any students interested in the programme can sign up either individually or in groups of no more than three. The winning team will be announced at the beginning of June after the solutions proposed by the participants have been examined.

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