Airbus Military has started upgrading the first of seven P-3 Orion aircraft for the Brazilian Air Force following their arrival at Seville Airport last 17 June. The complete order by Brazil is for the mod- ernisation of nine aircraft.

Work on the seven series aircraft will be carried out at the facilities in San Pablo, while another two, which are prototypes, will be upgraded in Getafe. The work will involve a com- plex process which includes improvements to the aircraft structure and modernisation of the entire avionics system (which controls the navigation, communications and mission systems).

The Tactical Mission System will be enhanced to enable anti-submarine operations and patrols of coastal waters and the Amazon as part of the SIVAM Programme. Delivery will take place in Seville of these seven aircraft following completion of the certification process and validation of the systems. Airbus Military will deliver the first two aircraft to the Brazilian Air Force in the last quarter of this year.

Over the course of the coming year another four of the P-3 Orions will be delivered, while the last three will be completed by 2012.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010 (All day)