A total of 17 Andalusian companies discovered the business and investment possibilities offered by the German aeronautical sector during a series of Technical Conferences on the German Aeronautical Sector held at the headquarters of the Andalusian Agency for Overseas Promotion (Extenda).

During the course of this event organised by Extenda and the Hélice Foundation, the opportunities for the sector en Germany were presented, in particular those relating to the companies Airbus Military and liebherr Aerospace, the focus of much of the event due to its activities specialising in the manufacture of landing gear and aeronautical systems.

The Berlin Air Show IlA 2010 was also presented during the event, currently the largest aeronautical exhibition in the German market. Meetings and interviews were also held between the speakers at the event and Andalusian enterprises participating at the same. In addition to the Hélice Foundation, the Andalusian businesses and entities participating at the event included Alestis Aerospace, the Andalusian Foundation for Aerospace Development (FADA), Ghenova Ingeniería, Greenpower Technologies, the Sevilla Control Group, Aerosertec, Mecanizados Eulogio Peña, MDu, the Andalusian Aerospace Technology Park (Aeropolis), Sofitec, Técnicas Aeronáuticas Defensa y Automoción (TADA), umi Aeronáutica, Easy Industrial Solutions, Tinoco Aeroespacial and Aertec.