The Board of Directors of HÉLICE, Foundation in charge of fostering the
Andalusian Aerospace Cluster, has approved the appointment of Arturo De Vicente
Hurtado as the new Director of the entity which represents all of the aerospace
companies in Andalusia. Arturo De Vicente is
succeeding Manuel Cruz Ballesteros, who has taken this role since 2008 and
leaves the office due to retirement after a long and fruitful career in the
aviation industry. The changeover will be effective from today, November 1.

Arturo De Vicente is an aeronautical engineer by the Polytechnic
University of Madrid (UPM) and has a long and solid career in aerospace. So
far, he has been the Head of Political Affairs of Andalusia, from which he has
provided support to the region in all the divisions and business units of the
group. He began his career as a Professor of Mathematics at the National
University of Distance Education (UNED), from which he joined in 1982 the
former Aeronautical Constructions SA (CASA), where he held various positions of
responsibility in the organization of Quality, including Delegate in Chile
between 1985 and 1987, and Assistant Director of Quality of the Production
Management of the Division of Military Transport Aircraft (MTA) until 2002. He
was also Head of the Dassault Falcon 7X programme throughout the development
stage until the delivery of the first unit to the customer, and Assistant
Director of Outsourcing of the MTA Division until 2009.

Among other responsibilities, De Vicente has been a member of the Board
of Directors of the Spanish Association of Aerospace Engineers (COIAE) for
twelve years, in the area of International Affairs and representing this entity
before the European Council for Aerospace Associations (CEAS) from its inception
to 2002. He is currently a member of the Economic and Social Council of the
city of Seville, and member of the Advisory
Council of the Business School (EOI) in Andalusia.
De Vicente is facing this new stage leading the Andalusian Aerospace Cluster
"with great enthusiasm to continue and increase the support of HÉLICE to
the aerospace industry, helping to improve the competitiveness of our
businesses in the international market."

According to the latest Report of the Andalusian Aerospace Sector
elaborated by HÉLICE in 2012, the Andalusian aerospace industry had a turnover
of 1,858 million euros (6% more than in 2011) and generated nearly 500 new
jobs, up to a total of 11,290 employees within the sector. It is very
remarkable the role played by the Andalusian auxiliary enterprises which in
2012 increased sales by 14%, with 736.8 million euros of turnover, and
employment by 3.8%, reaching 8,396 jobs.

"The Andalusian aerospace industry has significantly grown in the
last few years, not only in terms of turnover and employment, but also in
productivity, financial capacity, specialization, internationalization, RD
investment, diversification of customers and exports" says De Vicente.
"We walked a long way, but we have to push ourselves more and look to the
future with ambition. We have to keep increasing specialization in activities
and subsectors with higher added value, improve productivity and innovation
levels, achieve a greater operational economic and technological dimension,
improve the structuring of the supply chain, continue to diversify customers
and markets and expand the activity towards new niche business," he adds.

In this sense, as the new HÉLICE’s director, De Vicente will consolidate
the initiatives developed by the entity and will continue to promote the
development and growth of the Andalusian aerospace cluster in the next few
years, including the launch of a new Action Plan for the sector in the period
2014-2020, together with the regional government and other stakeholders
involved in the aerospace industry.



Friday, November 1, 2013 (All day)