The  beginning of the A400M mass production has
already generated a work for Andalusian firms valued at more than €130 million,
according to data by the HÉLICE Andalusian Aerospace Cluster , which estimates
that in the next 20 years, after the delivery of orders already agreed by seven
European countries, the Programme will generate a turnover of €4,400 million to
the Andalusian auxiliary industry. Just the Final Assembly Line (FAL) has meant an investment of more
than €400 million and a direct subcontracting of €180 million to the Andalusian
aeronautical auxiliary industry.

Fifteen Andalusian firms of the HÉLICE Cluster have received direct
orders from Airbus Military, although the works of A400M have indirectly
benefited more than 63% of the Andalusian auxiliary industry, composed of 120
companies. The main entities of the Hélice Cluster
involved in the A400M have been Aeroestructuras Sevilla, Aertec, Airgrup,  AyG Sevilla, Elimco, Galvatec,
Industria Siderometalúrgica Giennense, Inespasa, MDU, Navair, Alestis
Aerospace, Sevilla Control, UMI Aeronáutica, Carbures and Mecatecnic.

Cluster -which Board of Trustees gets together the main institutional and
industrial agents of the Andalusian aerospace industry and which has a Board of
Business Action currently composed of 43 firms- has valuated very positively
this Andalusian participation in the A400M and it has remarked the
opportunities of growth that it means for the coming years, with the arrival of
the stage of full production performance. 

The president of
the Andalusian aeronautic cluster, Juan Pedro Vela, considers that the delivery
ceremony of the first order to France by Airbus Military, will be a
“historical moment” for the Andalusian aerospace industry and that it must be a
stimulus for companies so that they will be conscious of the outstanding
opportunity that it means the assembly of A400M in Andalusia.
“We must take advantage of the boost of the A400M and other civil programmes of
Airbus, where we also have a great participation in order to access to new
international markets, to reach agreements with other main manufacturers and to
increase our specialization, competitiveness and technological  capacity”, remarked Juan Pedro Vela.

The president of the HÉLICE
Cluster believes that the positive growth data of the Andalusian aerospace
industry in the last years –which were backed up in 2012 by a particular
increase in the auxiliary industry (+14%)- will continue during 2013, fostered
by the greatest works related to the first deliveries of A400M and the assembly
of the first units of the A350 programmes, an aircraft that achieved its
inaugural flight last June.