El Puerto de Santa María City Council (Cádiz) and Car­bures, company
specialized in the manufacture of com­posited materials, have organized a
course for 16 unem­ployed with training in FPI, the technological branch FP2 or
a technical engineering of the industrial sector to special­ize in the
aeronautical sector, specifically in the handling of carbon fiber.

The course will start in the second half of October and allows to
"train people in a field in expansion and employment opportunities, not
currently offered in formal education", said the councilman of Public
Works, Jesús González building.

The initiative is part of a col­laboration agreement with Carbures
and includes a total of 500 hours, 300 theorical-practices and other 200 in the company.
Investment in the course reaches 30,000€, while students only have to pay the
tuition of 60€.

The initiative is committed to promote the inclusion of students
displaying skills and their inclusion in the bag work for possible future
engagements. The course will also promote the employ­ment of students in other
companies present in Cádiz, such as Airbus and Alestis, as added the director
of the plant of Carbures in El Puerto, Agustín Moreno.

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Monday, October 1, 2012 (All day)