Cassidian, subsidiary responsible for the Defence
business of the European multinational EADS, has approved a reorganization of
its Spanish subsidiary and named as higher responsible of the group to Pilar
Albiac Murillo, 59, born at Zaragoza. Former general director of Cassidian in
Spain, Enrique Barrientos, will continue in his charge and will depend on the
new responsible, one of the few women that is part of the senior management of
the European aeronautical group.

Albiac Muri­llo, until now head of Quality and Lean
Management at Airbus, will also be the maximum responsible of the new
Operations Department of the company, in charge of innovation and ensuring the
deve­lopment, the production and the effective launch of the products.

Before joining Airbus, Albiac worked for more than 25
years in the American multinational General Motors, where she played different
responsibilities in Zaragoza and United States. She was the drector of Quality
and Lean and leaded auto factory of Saginaw, Michigan (USA).

According to some analysts, with this appointment,
Cassidian attaches more importance to its Spanish business, since it will be in
the hands of one of the executives of trust of the current CEO, Ber­nhard
Gerwert, who assumed the position on September.