last 25 November the Centre for Advanced Aerospace Technology (CATEC), with the collaboration of the Hélice Foundation and the Andalusian Aerospace Technology Park, Aeropolis, organised the first Aerospace Technology Seminar on “unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems”, with the aim of supporting the promotion of knowledge in the field of technological materials related with the aeronautical and aerospace sector in Andalusia.

The event was held in the auditorium of the Aeropolis Business Centre and was inaugurated by Juan Pedro Vela, director of the CATEC and president of the Hélice Foundation; Manuel Cruz, director of the Hélice Foundation; Alfonso Picardo, technical director of the CATEC; Joaquín Rodríguez, manager of Aeropolis; and Aníbal Ollero, Professor of Systems and Automation Engineering of the university of Seville and scientific director of the CATEC.

The first seminar included the papers "uAS Programmes at EADS”, by Francisco Cano, head of EADS Defence and Security, and “Vehicle Swarm Technology Rapid Prototyping Testbed” by John Vian, Head of Vehicles and Autonomous Systems Technology.

It attracted a high-level audience from both companies and research centres interested in further developing their knowledge of uAV technology, a field of particular interest to the Andalusian aeronautical sector and in which it intends to undertake different initiatives which will result in new lines of productive activity for Andalusian companies.