CESA has been granted a new contract with Airbus Mili- tary to provide support to the Flight Test Centre for the A400M.

The signing of this contract is a continuation of the contract already signed in 2007 to carry out the Engine Build Up (EBU) for the TP400 and the assembly of the Wheels and Brakes of the A400M.

CESA already has two teams of engineers and mechanics providing full maintenance services and resolution of any incidents which may arise in relation to the engine build up and the Landing Gear, including in both cases the specific instrumentation for the flight tests. In addition, the company will provide the same support services during the series of Flight Tests for other suppliers of critical systems for the aircraft.

With the granting of these contracts CESA has established itself as a top-level supplier of Systems and Equipment for the A400M, for which it has already developed and supplied the Cargo Door and Ramp Actuation Systems, the actuators for the Landing Gear, the Hydraulic Reservoirs and the pneumatic valves of the Engine Bleed Air System.