The meeting room of the Business Centre at Aeropolis, the Aerospace Technological Park of Andalusia, was the venue for the last two seminars organised by the Centre for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (CATEC) as part of the new annual programme which the centre has prepared to continue its contributions to the dissemination of technological knowledge in the sector.

On 13 October the 3rd Seminar on Aerospace Technologies was held with the theme "Composites: Present and Future".
Rafael Ávila Domínguez of Airbus Operations presented his paper “The Future Outlook for CFRP”,
while Pedro Arroyo Perfumo of Airbus Military analysed the “Challenges of Aerostructure Manufacture: from Metal to Composites."

The fourth seminar took place on 23 November.
Focusing on technology for flight simulators, the speakers included Juan Felip Represa, Director of Simulation at Indra; Carlos Montans Alonso, ASTA Site Manager of Cassidian; and Luis Antonio González de Lena, System Modelling Senior Specialist at Cassidian.
Matters considered at this latter event included the development of visual systems for flight simulators, the re-use of on-board software in simulation and the simulation technology of the Eurofighter Training Centre.