Airbus Military and the Andalusian Foundation Training and Employment Fund (FAFFE) of the Andalusian Regional Government have signed a collaboration agreement to carry out joint actions in the field of training and employment specialising in the aeronautical industry.

As a consequence of this agreement, the FAFFE, an entity under the Regional Ministry of Employment, will be responsible for research and development of projects to facilitate the training, qualification and reskilling of staff in the Andalusian aeronautical sector working for Airbus Military and EADS.

The agreement will facilitate assessment of the public and private resources available in the field of training and employment, the development of programmes which meet the needs of the Andalusian aeronautical sector, design of training actions and awareness-raising regarding prevention of hazards in the workplace and diversity management.

Meanwhile, Airbus Military will be responsible for the planning and design of specific actions in the field of professional training, publicise activities related with the sector and provide the facilities required for the development of training and employment programmes promoted by the Foundation and/or the Andalusian authorities.