The Ministry of Development, through AENA, has awarded the Joint Venture Elimco-Grupo San José the contract for the construction of the new power station for Santiago de Compostela Airport, with an initial budget of 15.6 million euros.

The need for this project is a consequence of the differ- ent activities to be carried out at this Galician airport in the near future which will require an increase in supply, and the complications involved with a significant expansion of the existing facilities.

The new building will be equipped with all the necessary facilities including lighting, power, climate control, fire detection and extinction devices, PA system, earthing networks, protection against lightning strikes and a fuel depot and facilities. The building will be complemented with the construction of access roads and the rest of the land development.

It will also be equipped to supply the power required for the extensions currently being carried out and to support future improvements contemplated in the master plan for the Airport.

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Friday, January 1, 2010 (All day)