The exhibition “100 Years of Aviation in Seville” organised by the Urban Agency for Economic Development, Sevilla Global, as part of the Centenary of Aviation in Seville, closed last 19 April after welcoming more than 20,000 visitors during the 25 days it was open to the public in the Pavilion of the Future at Isla de la Cartuja.

“The exhibition’s success has exceeded all our expectations,” said the Representative of the Economy and Employment of the Seville City Council and Vice-Chairman of Sevilla Global, Carlos Vázquez, who indicated that he was very satisfied with the response to this initiative.

One of the highlights of the event was an exhibition of historic aircraft which included a replica of a Bleriot XI, an HA 200 Saeta, a prototype of the C-101 and an F-5 fighter-bomber, as well as a C-212. Also on display was a collection of scale models and photographs from Air Force archives and 24 scale models provided by the AEnA Foundation. Another of the attractions of the exhibition was the educational interactive display, “How Does an Aircraft Work?”, provided by the Helice Foundation and brought from the MidiPyrenées Region in France, which included some flight simulators. Apart from individual visits, the exhibition also hosted 25 visits from schools and educational centres, as well as from different cultural associations and groups from the City of Seville.

This initiative has also acted as a stimulus for the Society of the Pavilion of Aeronautics and Space Science (SPACE), a group promoted by the organisers of the Centenary of Aviation in Seville, Juan Antonio Guerrero and José Clemente, to reactivate the project for transformation of the Pavilion of the Future in La Cartuja into a museum of aviation and aeronautics as a tribute to Seville’s aeronautical tradition and the thousands of workers it has in this sector. The activities to commemorate 100 years of aviation in Seville will continue until the end of the year with other activities as conferences, aeronautical movies and possibly an air show.