Last 26 May the auditorium of the Andalusian Aerospace Technology Park, Aeropolis, was the venue for a meeting between companies and public and private institutions in the aeronautical sector with the aim of analysing the business opportunities present in the Portuguese market for Andalusian companies.

The meeting was organised by the Hélice Foundation and the Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal (AICEP), with the collaboration of the Caixa Geral Group and Aeropolis. It drew nearly 100 businessmen, technicians and professionals from the Andalusian aeronautical industry, along with representatives of the leading Portuguese companies and institutions, who presented the main initiatives and projects which the Portuguese sector is currently developing.

The event was inaugurated by the Director-General of the Andalusian Agency for Innovation and Development IDEA, Antonio Valverde, and the Portuguese ambassador to Spain, Álvaro Mendonça e Moura. It included various talks and presentations regarding the recent creation of the aeronautical cluster and the growth of companies in the sector in Portugal as a consequence of the major investment in recent years by Brazilian company Embraer in the country, mainly in Evora. The Director of the Hélice Foundation, Manuel Cruz, together with the Manager of Aeropolis, Joaquín Rodriguez, and the Director of Extenda, Pedro Bisbal, offered a presentation of the Andalusian aeronautical cluster and the possibilities for investment in this key productive sector for the economic development of the region.They highlighted that increased knowledge sharing between Andalusian and Portuguese companies will provide synergies and links which will enable cooperation in numerous areas and will in general offer competitive advantages for the sector in both territories.

The conference ended with a talk by Gabriel Alonso Pérez, Vice-President Offset of EADS/CASA MTAD, who outlined the experience of Airbus on the Portuguese market.