The Chilean affiliate of the Andalusian aeronautical group Faasa has been awarded the contract for the provision of personnel transport and fire fighting services with helicopters, under which the company will provide the Chilean government with three helicopters over the next two years equipped with the resources necessary to carry out firefighter transport and water dumping activities and which will carry out their operations mainly in the regions of Valparaíso, Bio-Bio and Maule.

The contract is expected to generate returns in excess of 2 million euros over the two-year term and includes a minimum contract of 100 days per helicopter and year and a package of 120 flight hours per base and year. The award of this contract follows various others which Faasa Chile currently has with the leading timber companies of this Andean country. As a result the coming year will involve unprecedented deployment by this aeronautical company, providing a total of 17 aerial aircraft (8 planes and 9 helicopters) as well as the reserve aerial fleet, which carries out other types of jobs such as transport of persons and external loads.

This important growth confirms the consolidation of the Andalusian company in this South American country, where in only four years it has quadrupled the aerial resources available for fire fighting activities, positioning it among the three leading suppliers in the country with a market share in excess of 30%. Solely in relation to its fire fighting activities Faasa Chile expects earnings of over 5 million euros for the period from 2009-2010. In recent years, the South American division has notably increased its turnover, reaching 4.2 million euros in 2008 and with an expected turnover of 7 million euros for 2009.

The company in Chile employs more than 50 professionals which include pilots, maintenance technicians and other administrative and commercial staff, along with Spanish professionals (pilots and technicians) who are present to support the human resources on site.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009 (All day)