This company group with its central headquarters in Spain in the TecnoBahía Technology Park at El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) has consolidated its position as a supplier of engineering and technology for the international aeronautical sector with various construction and services projects for more than 20 airports in venezuela and Angola. With more than 25 years of experience in our country, GECI had a turnover of 16 million euros last year and plans on continuing to diversify and expand its market share in its main areas of activity: airport systems, meteorology, avionics, calibration, UAVs and safety.

With its extensive experience through projects and contracts for the international aeronautical sector over the last 30 years and more than 200 clients in over 30 countries throughout the world, the GECI Company Group has a promising outlook for 2010. This company based in the Bahía Technology Park at El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) has not stopped growing since its constitution in 1983 and is enjoying one of its most productive periods after being awarded new contracts for the development of various projects in South America and Africa, two of its main areas of expansion and diversification in the aeronautical sector. These contracts are for the construction and/or remodelling of 21 control towers for various airports in Venezuela, including civil works and fittings, as well as the engineering project for Cuito Airport in Angola.

The company’s growth has been constant and uninterrupted since its beginnings and in recent years it has enjoyed a significant boom which has led to an extension of its main services and business areas and its presence in the world aeronautical and aerospace industry. Today it competes with the leading companies on international markets and has achieved considerable successes through the projects it has carried out in the sector.

Founded in 1983, GECI’s Spanish operations consist of a group of companies under the parent company GECI Española which includes the subsidiaries GECI Española Levante, ISM and Tecno Soluciones, each one being dedicated to a specific business area. The company has offices in Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid, as well as the central headquarters at El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz). Its overseas offices in Portugal (Lisbon), Cuba (Havana), the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo), Venezuela (Caracas) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), among others, provide this company group with worldwide coverage. GECI offers high-technology engineering, outsourcing and logistics services in the aeronautical, telecommunications, energy, transport, infrastructure and civil engineering sectors.

The firm has a total of 41 highly qualified employees in Spain and its turnover for last year was 16 million euros, enabling it to consolidate its position as a top-level supplier in its main areas of activity in the aeronautical sector: airports, meteorology, avionics, calibration, UAVs and safety.

Engineering, electronics and logistics are GECI’s key work areas, and the company places special emphasis on innovation and creativity as fundamental aspects of the projects carried out. Engineering, Technology and Services Highlights among its business areas focusing on the aeronautical sector include the design, development, construction and start-up of airports and airport systems (including turn-key projects) and other services deriving from this infrastructure such as air traffic control towers (civil and military), beacons, meteorology, safety systems, navigation, telecommunications, runway lighting, aircraft recovery, etc. Another important area is the development of solutions for the meteorological information systems of airports and heliports. The company is a leader for this type of technology and it has implemented systems for airports and air bases all over the world, including Spain, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Kuwait, Taiwan, Honduras, Ecuador, Morocco, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, among others. In the coming months GECI will carry out the contract for the supply of spare parts for the meteorological radar network of the Spanish Meteorology Agency (AEMET) with a value of more than 500,000 euros, the aim of which is to ensure the perfect state and functioning of the national meteorological radar network. Other areas in which the company works include electronics and calibration of systems and equipment for the aeronautical sector, including repairs for avionics and communication equipment (surveillance radar, navigation assistance, radio links, etc), the installation of safety devices and the development of unmanned aircraft systems for control and surveillance purposes (aerodynamics design, satellitebased automatic pilots, portable control stations, mission computers and automated landing systems). GECI also offers an extensive range of technical and logistics support resources and services for the aeronautical and aerospace industry, ranging from the supply of spare parts for commercial aircraft through to checks and technical repairs of engines for airlines,in particular certain models by Pratt & Whitney and General Electric.

The firm wants to increase its portfolio of customers in the aeronautical sector, which includes the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics of venezuela, the Cuban Civil Aviation Authority, the Ministry of Defence, AENA and Eurocopter


The company’s services are capped off with an extensive range of chemical products for auxiliary firms in the sector, including sealants, adhesives, oils, greases, paints and special composites. The company’s aim in the medium term is to continue to diversify and expand its market share in the main geographic zones where it operates, namely Central America, South America, Western Europe and Southeast Asia.

Precisely with the aim of strengthening its presence in the Latin American market, last March GECI participated at the Chilean International Air and Space Show (FIDAE), during which it presented its products and services to the most important international aeronautical firms present at the event, the leading trade fair in Latin America for the latest technology in the aeronautical, aerospace and military defence sectors.

This is part of the firm’s campaign to increase its already extensive portfolio of customers in the aeronautical sector, which includes the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics of Venezuela, the Cuban Civil Aviation Authority, the Spanish Ministry of Defence, AENA, Eurocopter and Visteon. Quality, the company’s hallmark When carrying out its activities in the aeronautical sector and the other fields in which it operates, GECI is well aware of the need for a quality control system to certify that the work is carried out for its customers in a correct and satisfactory manner. In this sense, quality, the environment and prevention are all essential defining features of the company and the foundation upon which it bases all its work processes, as well as constituting a strategic advantage over its competitors.

The services and work carried out by the company are guaranteed by way of various certifications in accordance with international regulations, including AENOR ISO 9001:2008 for quality in management systems and AENOR EN 9100:2003 for quality management systems in the aerospace sector. The company also has PECAL/AQAP2120 certification for quality assurance of production requirements as established by NATO in the defence and security sector.

In addition, the precision of each calibration carried out by GECI is also guaranteed by way of ISO 17025:2005 certification, and its commitment to the environment is certified by its achievement of the ISO 14001:2004 standard. This fully integrated quality policy is a further reflection of the company’s commitment to ongoing improvement and development, which has continued to bring it new successes in the Andalusian and international aeronautical sector.

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