The Hélice Foundation and the Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) have signed a collaboration agreement to promote innovation in the Andalusian aeronautical sector. Its aims include the development of strategic, informative and forecasting actions such as idea incubation, technology watch mechanisms and matching of technological offer and demand, along with promotion and training actions and forums.

The planned activities include a minimum of two coordination meetings and a Technical Committee for the Aerospace Sector and Production Processes, with presentation by the Hélice Foundation of its RDI activities for businesses. In addition, a report will be drafted to propose content for the 2012 Work Programme under the seventh EU Framework Programme in the area of Transport (including Aeronautics).

This document will be prepared with the collaboration of organisations involved in the management and promotion of international RDI programmes.

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Monday, January 10, 2011 (All day)