HÉLICE has launched in recent weeks a new photo exhibition located at the Sevilla International Airport, with the aim of spreading the importance of the aerospace industry in Andalusia and project its image as one of the most important aerospace pole in Europe.

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Sevilla airport and it aims to promote the historical aeronautic tradition in Andalusia and the development and growth that the sector has experienced in recent years. This has placed Andalusia as a region favorable for business aerospace and industrial investment, and its industry as one of the most productive activities nowadays and for the future.

The exhibition has been recently visited by the Director of HÉLICE Cluster, Arturo de Vicente, and the Director of the Sevilla Airport, Jesus Caballero Pinto, who could watch the information panels located in different areas of the facilities and witness the warm welcome by passengers and users.

Specifically, the sample includes more than a dozen panels located in the boarding zone and the corridor to the baggage room at the arrival area of international flights, which serves as a sign of welcome.

Among the panels and selected images there are some of great visual impact of the A400M, whose final assembly is performed on the ground of Airbus Defence & Space in Seville.

Monday, April 13, 2015 (All day)