In the last
years, the Andalusian Aeronautic industry has lived an important increase in
the number of companies that provide quality services to the main companies in
the sector, as a consequence of the commitment for diversification towards less
developed or present areas in Andalusia. That is an area that shows a wide
range of activities, from audit and consultancy processes to calibration,
verification and technical and systems tests, that have created interesting
business expectations for different Andalusian companies, but that may suffer a
radical change facing the suppliers reduction policies of International contractors.


The commitment for products and services diversification that
the Andalusian aerospace cluster has boosted as one of the challenges to reach
a higher competitiveness in the sector and to opt to participate in
international contracts and projects has not only began to be seen in the
increasing participation in the main aeronautic programs or in a wider
internationalization of Andalusian companies, but also, in other subjects as specialization
in areas traditionally less developed or present in Andalusia. That is the case
of subsectors like engineering, electronics, unmanned systems or services
related to quality, some aspects where the aeronautic sector has been growing
in the last years and where there are possibilities of offering a greater added
value to works and products.

Within these areas, there must be remarked the increase
of the activity that is being performed regarding quality, an area where
Andalusian aeronautics has lived a significant growth according to the number
of companies dedicated to provide that kind of services to main companies in
the sector. An area that has a wide range of specific activities –from quality audit
and consultancy processes, to calibration, verification and technical and
systems tests-, and that has created interesting business expectations for
different Andalusian companies, regarding the potentiality. Nevertheless, this
situation may suffer a radical change facing the policies of suppliers
reduction that are being implemented by international contractors, as it is
already happening, for example, in areas like engineering, and with which the
OEMs want to look for partners with greater industrial and financial dimension
to face large works and to share risks of the projects.

There may be included companies like Grupo Prescal, Mave
Aeronáutica or Global Quality, specializing in quality engineering,
consultancy, inspection audit and processes control; and others like TEAMS,
Canagrosa, Simetrycal or Titania, focused on the verification of pieces and
components, calibration, metrology and systems and equipment testing, a
subsector where main constructors of planes are committed for a higher
subcontracting rate.


like Prescal, Mave, Global Quality, TEAMS, Canagrosa, Simetrycal,
MCI or Titania stand out within the one of quality service in Andalusia"

Quality management

One the most remarkable firms in the area of aerospace
quality in Andalusia is Mave Aeronáutica, a company from Cadiz with more than
10 years of experience in the aeronautical industry, and that develops direct services
for customers like Airbus Military, Airbus and Alestis. With more than 150
specialized professionals, the activities developed by Mave are focused in the
tooling quality and production means (maintenance), engineering of quality and
inspection. Conscious of the importance that is gaining the strategy of
suppliers reduction of EADS, the company took a step forward at the end of 2011
to strengthen its position after reaching an agreement of collaboration with
Grupo CT Ingenieros, specialising in design and manufacturing engineering services,
and with which it aims to join forces to offer together projects to the
European manufacturer.

This sector involves another Andalusian company like
Grupo Prescal. The firm has consolidated its growth until reaching 4
million Euros and a staff of de 42 employees in aeronautical division at the
end of 2011, and it has successfully started an international expansion
process, by opening branch offices in Chile, Brazil, Poland, United King dom
and United Arabian Emirates. In order to achieve this goal, the company has
focused its activity in the consolidation and expansion of its services
portfolio, where the quality management or engineering (processes), control
(products), non destructive tests, planning and configuration of control,
assemblies, mechanical, structures and electric; commercial, technical and
logistic support, as well as training, consultancy and occupational risk

The Global Q (Global Quality Engineering Services)
company has also burst in this segment, resulting from the merger of Quality
Engineering Services and Ingeniería de Calidad General, two companies with a
large experience in the sector and which aim is to offer a technical services
specializing in surveillance of products and suppliers, the management of
productive means, preparation and updating of technical documentation, and
consultancy of changes Management and product configuration. The company has
offices in Seville, Getafe (Madrid) and Vitoria, the three main aeronautic hubs
in Spain, and it wants to keep on widening its market through the main
companies and Tier One in the country, already working for them.


Calibration and
trials: a thriving area

Together with the activity in services of aeronautical
quality, there is also the activity of calibration and metrology, verification
of pieces, testing materials and systems (pressure, fatigue, etc.) and even in
flight trials, an area that is currently on the increase, according to the new firms
that have been created in the last years in Andalusia. Within the segment of
calibration and metrology, there are firms like Canagrosa, with a large
experience in the sector, and which services include mechanised controls,
surface treatments, support for assembly of aerostructures, FAL and in flight
line, as well as logistics and aeronautic after sale, consultancy of processes,
quality systems and assembly of production lines and research projects. Also,
there are young companies like Simetrycal (Integral Services of Metrology and
Calibration), a technology based spin off created in the University of Seville
in 2010, as complement and extension of the activities of the Andalusian Centre
for Metrology (CAM), with a large experience in projects with Airbus Military
more than a decade ago.

In addition, there are other organizations like Veiasa
(Industrial Verifications of Andalusia), a public company of the regional
Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment that develops Works of
metrological inspection and control for different industrial regulations, like
the aeronautical; or MCI (Laboratory of Metrology and Industrial Calibration),
a company that has a branch office in Andalusia since 2006, operating in
Aerópolis since 2010 for most outstanding subcontractors of the international
environment (Airbus, Airbus Military, Boeing, Embraer, etc.)

Furthermore, it is specially important the role played by
other companies specializing in the characterization of materials, performance
of mechanical and structural tests and non destructive inspections, as in the
case of TEAMS (Testing and Engineering of Aeronautical Materials and
Structures), another spinoff coming from the University of Seville and that in
just six years has become a benchmark in this field, thanks to being the first
laboratory in Spain and the fourth in Europe to be designated Tier One in
Materials and Processes by Airbus, and the awarding of the program of materials,
components and systems tests of the belly fairing and tail cone of the A350

There must also be remarked the firm Titania, Ensayos y
Proyectos Industriales, created from the activities of the Testing, Corrosion
and Protection Laboratory of the University of Cadiz, that has also started to
develop activities for companies in the aeronautic sector and which business
line is focused in the control of quality of materials, technical assistance
and development of R&D projects with industrial application. And also, the
company Applus, a multinational leader in the areas of testing, consultancy,
inspection and technological certification that has recently landed in
Andalusia after opening new offices in Aerópolis. An inclusion that shows the
business opportunities that more and more are being generated by the quality
services and the strategic position that already occupies the Andalusian sector
in the European and International background.