The company has just launched a
new technological system that enables the optimization of data processes of the
logistic centre of A400M and L&M programs. The project aims speeding the
access to the vast quantity of information generated every day within the
program activities, improving costs and resources saving traceability control
of documentation in the supply chain. Under such premises, LTK Services aims
consolidating its takeoff as new subsidiary of the LTK Group and attracting new
customers within the aeronautical and industrial sector in Spain"

industrial activity that generates an international project of great
significance as the A400M aircraft not only means inno­vating and technological
developments in areas rather close to aeronautical industry, but also in
complementary services that are integrated within the whole supply chain. This
is the case of compa­nies like LTK Services, that has just implemented a new
documen­tary management system to improve administrative processes of the
program of the new aircraft of military transport.

The firm, created just a
year ago within LTK Group, has taken charge of starting an integral service for
operative documentary managing of A400M and L&M External Logistic Center,
which coordinates LTK400, a subsidiary firm that also belongs to the same
group. This new system include digitalization, intelligent inspection and
publication in documen­tary environment services, and it will enable an
important optimization of resources and improvement in the quality of the
customer service.

The project is in line with
the launching process of the A400M program, where LTK400 is in charge of
supplying materials to Tablada and San Pablo factories of Airbus
Military in Seville, providing for different services for the assembly,
covering from the administrative reception, quality and storage; preparation,
setting up, expeditions and transport to the Final Assembly Line (FAL) in
special trolleys; as well as the expeditions to suppliers of the program. And
also, there are the activities that LTK400 performs in the FAL of A400M (and
also, of programs C295, CN 235 and C212), as the management of operations in
the reception area of the Beluga aircraft and trucks or the totally of internal
logistic movements of all materials in the factory.

In a sector like
aeronautical, where traceability of all materials must be strictly controlled,
the quantity of documentary used all through just one working day is extremely
vast. Currently, the logistic centre of LTK400 man­ages 60,000 different
references and about 1,500 documents every day: pick up notes, inventory lists,
dispatch notes, etc. Thus, facing the recient mass production of the program,
LTK400 considered the necessity of optimising the documentary processes of the
plant, with the purpose of speeding up the access and improving the control of
traceability to documents, reducing consults to the physical files, and
reducing the number of incidences in ad­ministrative processes. Therefore, in
the middle of the year, the company has decided to award that task to LTK
Services, through its Documentary Man­agement division, which took charge of
developing the project and implant­ing the new system in a record time,
starting it at the beginning of October.

Technology for an efficient use of resources

The project covers the
operative documentary map study of the plant, the identification of the most
suitable model of digitalization for the operative process of facilities, the
intelligent inspection of information and discrepan­cies management, as well as
the final publication of documents. Among the techniques and procedures used
for the integration of the system, there must be remarked the installation of
high-production scanners and their implantation with the intelligent capture
software EMC CAPTIVA, which replaces data input processes and documents
classification –which are expensive, manual and prone to error-, with the
automatic documentary identification and data capture.

Regarding the digital
keeping service, there has been chosen the integration of documentary
management software EMC DOCUMEN­TUM, which provides for capacities for
organization, control, sequence and files content sending. This solution enable
the navigation over the documentary typology structure, container and file
code, as well as the indexed search by file code or the full-text indexed
search. Also, it enables the query web access for internal users.

The main advantages granted
by the system are costs and resources saving at different levels of the
company, like physical space saving for traditional paper files, saving of
infrastructure and staff dedicated to files management and the subsequent time
saving, as well as the global im­provement of processes in the company.

According to the LTK
Services managing director, Raúl Jiménez, “benefits regarding the installation
of the system have been immediate. The accessibil­ity to information that can
be analysed has been widely improved and in less time. You can easily have
instant access to all the necessary documentation for the business activity of
the centre, with extra advantages of eliminating moving, reducing query times
and file tasks, physical space saving, solving the problem of documents
localization, etc.”. “Furthermore, it has not only enabled a more rational and
efficient use of resources, but also, it has been able to consolidate all the
documentation, which means more productivity and more added value for the
logistic centre and for LTK400”, he said.

A logical consequence

The starting of the LTK
Services has been considered as a logical con­sequence within the activity of
LTK Group, and a step forward to enlarge and improve the logistic services that
the company provides to different companies of the sector, among which are
customers like Airbus, Airbus Military, Embraer, Eurocopter, Aernnova or
Alestis. According to Raúl Jiménez, “it was necessary to create a company with
the specific goal of granting customers of the aeronautic sector an answer to their
needs from the three divisions of LTK Services: Information Systems
Consultancy, En­gineering Consultancy and Operations and Documentary

The integration of the new
documentary management system for the logistic centre of A400M and L&M programs
is the first important con­tract for LTK Services within the aerospace sector
and wants it as its let­ter of presentation to access to new projects with
other national compa­nies, mainly in Andalusia, Madrid and País Vasco, that is
to say, the three main aeronautic hubs in Spain. “We are a step forward the
beginning of the mass production of A400M, with an automated procedure that
does not need many time to be spent by human resources and that can be
implemented in new projects of the sector”, assures him.

LTK Services has facilities in Madrid, Álava and Seville, and its
prevision of sales are 1.5 millions euros for 2014"

Up to the moment, the
trajectory of the company is very positive with a turnover of 720,000 euros
during the first year and a prevision of sales of almost 1.5 million euros for
2014. The firm has facilities in Madrid, Miñano (Álava) and Seville –in Aerópolis–
and, to start it, there has been neces­sary an investment of 300,000 euros,
which will enable it to grant a gen­eral coverage to companies. LTK Services
aims diversifying its business, in the same line than the strategic plan of the
group: first, to the national aeronautic market and other countries like France
or Portugal, and, once its activity in the sector is consolidated, to widen its
horizons to other in­dustrial or strategic spheres like renewable energies,
health or bank.