This Andalusian company, which had a turnover of approximately 10 million euros in 2009 in its aeronautical division, is increasing its presence on the programmes of major manufacturers in the sector through the application of new strategies in its engineering and industrial services areas. In addition, it has reached agreements with transnational engineering suppliers which will be crucial to secure new contracts in the European aeronautical industry

The Seville-based company MP, which has a worldwide presence diversified in various industrial sectors, is making a major commitment to consolidation of its position in the aeronautical industry and increasing its capacity and workload on the different programmes of the leading manufacturers in the sector. Through its aeronautical division, the Andalusian firm is applying new strategies in its work and production systems with the aim of developing a comprehensive project with greater added value which enables it to secure new contracts with its customers and open new business opportunities on the international market.

This process is being carried out through the Engineering and Industrial Services departments, the central axis of the company’s aeronautical activities, which are integrated into a single department. The company, which had a turnover of approximately 10 million euros in 2009 and currently has some 200 employees in its aeronautical division, has developed an engineering product with greater added value applying the Lean Manufacturing philosophy to assembly process reengineering projects and standardisation of processes (SOI). This complements its traditional and intense line of work in the field of process engineering, which includes assembly processes for the FAL and structural assemblies, definition of manufacturing structure, technical specifications of spare parts, engineering for the development of customer facilities and technical support for programmes.

As a result of the above, the company has increased its presence and workload on the aeronautical programmes in which it participates, mainly through EADS, and has established itself as a leading engineering supplier for Airbus Military over the last year. It has also consolidated its strategic position in the aeronautical sector after reaching various agreements with transnational engineering suppliers (E2S) which will be crucial to incorporate new partners and workloads from the aeronautical industry at a European level. Through these agreements the Industrial Corporation MP will further progress in its efforts to be more competitive and position itself at the head of the auxiliary aeronautical sector.

New techniques

In the field of Tooling Engineering, MP aims to offer a global project with greater scope which incorporates the design of components, definition of the assembly process and manufacture of production equipment. The company has advanced with its projects for the automation of assembly lines together with the lean manufacturing techniques mentioned previously. It has also maintained and enhanced its capacity in the field of tooling engineering, which encompasses tooling design for assembly of aerostructures and auxiliary assembly tools, calculation of structures, design and manufacture of test beds, functional tests, etc. MP is also a leading supplier in this area for tooling, increasing its participation on important programmes such as the C295, the Cn235, the C212, the A400M and the A330 MRTT. Meanwhile, MP’s Industrial Services department is working to offer a comprehensive maintenance service for production lines and auxiliary facilities in plants, with the implementation of the new methodology of Facility Management.

This discipline seeks to improve and optimise the management of its facilities and resources with the aim of offering a better quality service to its customers, and is having very positive results for the company. More specifically, the company is working to implement a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which establishes a level of quality of maintenance services according to response times, availability times and staff assigned to the service, etc. Its activities in this area include the provision of maintenance services for the Airbus Military facilities at San Pablo (Seville) and the Bahía de Cádiz Consortium at El Puerto de Santa María. It also provides Airbus Military with a service for the management that answers the maintenances and auxiliar product being responsible for the sale, logistic and storage for these materials.

Highlights in this field include the projects carried out for programmes such as the C295, the Cn235, the A400M, the A318 and the A330 MRTT. The company also has an agreement with Alestis Aerospace for the design and manufacture of curing tools for the A320, the Cn235 and the B777, this latter aircraft being for the U.S. aeronautical manufacturer Boeing. It was also awarded the contract for the design, manufacture and supply of the assembly platforms for the flap fairings of the A400M, located at the San Pablo FAL. Looking to the future, MP hopes to continue with this intense activity in the Andalusian and Spanish aeronautical industry, as well as branching out towards new business opportunities in the sector with international partners and customers, an indication of the growth which this company has experienced in recent years.

MP has developed an engineering product with greater added value, applying the Lean Manufacturing philosophy to reengineering projects and standarization of assembly processes