The Hélice Cluster will start
different initiatives aiming the improvement of executive and managing skills
for the aerospace sector’s professionals in Andalusia. Thus, the fifth edition
of the Aeronautic Business Management Program will commence next September and it will be given
by the EOI Business School and addressed to SMEs’ managers interested in the
consolidation of their feasibility in the sector or in getting into it. Also,
Hélice has renewed the agreement with the San Telmo International Institute to
carry out new business seminars and other research and improvement lines in
topics related to high management training in Andalusian aeronautic companies.


In order to keep boosting a
qualified training in the aerospace sector in Andalusia, and improving the
managing skills of companies’ directors within the aeronautic network in the
region, specially SMEs, the Hélice Cluster will start several initiatives with
the aim to continue reaching the goal of developing initiatives that enable the
improvement of competitiveness in the sector through highly skilled
professionals and employees.

The aerospace industry is a
sector that faces challenges all the time, and it needs a continuous adaptation
and improvement, also in the field of human resources and training of managers
and professionals, who must have the necessary tools at their disposal in order
to face such challenges in a satisfactory way and, also, to fulfil the aims of
consolidation and growth of their companies. Therefore, companies should be
provided with a wider financial, technological and human capacity that would
enable them to decide the most appropriate way for such a competitive and global

Under such premise, next
September there will start the fifth edition of the Aeronautic Business
Management Program, a master’s degree organizad by Hélice and the Business
School EOI, with the collaboration of the Advance Centre of Aerospace Technologies
(FADA-CATEC) and Airbus Military. This initiative will be addressed to the
Andalusian auxiliary industry, specifically to SMEs’ managers of the industry
interested in the consolidation of their feasibility in a medium and long term,
as well as to companies’ managers in other sectors interested in getting into
the aerospace market.

To start it, the most
important experts within the Andalusian and Spanish aeronautic sector have
participated both in the design and in the development and teaching. The
teaching committee is mainly made up of professionals from Airbus Military,
FADA-CATEC and EOI, and also, other experts from other companies of the sector
will collaborate, like Isotrol and S4A Solutions for Aviation.

The aims of this program are,
on one hand, giving complete information about the aerospace sector that will
provide students with a global view and, on the other hand, will facilitate an
appropriate training that will allow participants to take their own business
decisions, with the slightest risk as possible. Another goal is that students,
once the degree has finished, will have a feasibility plan that will allow them
in a short and medium term, the improvement or development of their own
companies or departments.

The V Aeronautic Business
Management Program comprises a total of 120 teaching hours and 240 hours of
consultancy, and it will start on September 20th. The master degree includes
the possibility of having personalized tutorship with students to analyse how
to improve their personal work and the management of their departments. Such
tutorship will be held with experts in the corresponding subject.

Registration is free,
co-financed by the European Social Fund, the Ministry for Industry, Energy and
Tourism, and the Hélice Cluster. Requirements to receive the diploma will be
attending at least 80% of the total hours and preparing a business project that
will be submitted at the end of the training. The program will be given at the
head-office of the EOI Business School in Seville and the deadline to ask for
its subscription is September 6th.


Agreement with San Telmo Institute

Within this collaboration line
with business schools for high and middle management, the Cluster Hélice has
signed a new agreement with the San Telmo International Institute and the Town
Council of Seville to promote training and research initiatives in the next
three years aiming the improvement of executive and managing skills of
companies within the Andalusian aerospace cluster, in a joint framework among
OEM, Tier One and subcontractors.

This initiative will be a
continuity of the collaboration agreement signed in 2008 between Hélice and San
Telmo to hold an annual aeronautic Business seminar in which OEM, Tier One,
Tier Two and auxiliary industry could discuss during a whole day about
improvements in the sector’s supply chain, under a pedagogical pattern of a
business successful case and analysis documents.

After the success reached with
these seminars, both institutions have renewed their commitment through a new
agreement that includes, as well as the organization of one or two seminars per
year, the research in other subjects, such as the improvement of supply chain,
business R&D and the development of business and executive capacities and
skills within the aeronautic sector. The Town Council of Seville has joined
this agreement, trough the Strategic Planning and Development Bureau, which
will provide the Hélice Cluster with institutional and relational support befote
other administrations, companies and other cities with activity in the
aerospace sector, as well as sponsoring companies like Airbus Military,
Alestis, Elimco, Glenser, Ayesa Air Control, Airgrup, and Sevilla Control.

This agreement has been signed
within the framework of the International “Aerospace and Defence Meetings
Sevilla 2012”,
held last May in the Andalusian capital city, with the participation of Hélice
president, Juan Pedro Vela, the mayor of Seville, Juan Ignacio Zoido, and the
representatives of the different collaborating companies.