Representatives of the leading manufacturers and auxiliary firms of the Andalusian and Spanish aeronautical industry, trade unions and public authorities analysed the future of the sector during the conference “The Aeronautical Industry in Andalusia. Present and Future,” organised last 17 November by UGT Andalucia.

The participants assessed the strategic lines to continue promoting the growth of the Andalusian industry. The conference was inaugurated by the Regional Minister of Economy, Innovation and Science, Antonio Ávila; the Secretary-General of UGT Andalucía, Manuel Pastrana, the Secretary-General of the Federation of Metal, Construction and Related Industries (MCA-UGT Andalucía), Manuel Jiménez; the Chairman of the Hélice Foundation and Director-General of FADA-CATEC, Juan Pedro Vela; and the Director of the Hélice Foundation, Manuel Cruz.

Other guest speakers during the conference included the Chairman of Aciturri Aeronáutica, Francisco Fernández Sáinz; the Chairman of Aernnova, Iñaki López de Gandazegui; the CEO of Alestis Aerospace, Gaizka Grajales; and the Head of Operations for Airbus Military, Alberto Gutiérrez.

The Regional Minister of Economy, Innovation and Science announced that the aeronautical sector will shortly have a road map to meet future challenges such as business concentration, diversification of services and customers, innovation and vocational training. Meanwhile, the heads of the Hélice Foundation and FADA-CATEC announced that another final assembly line may be established in Andalusia for the A330 to complement the facilities in Getafe.

They also highlighted the need for the sector to better exploit the extensive knowledge of Andalusian universities to enhance technological development.