The company Tecnatom and its associate iPhoton Solutions
LLC has started up a new technological application involving
Laser Ultrasonics for the inspection of composites using
industrial robots which improves the reliability and productivity
of production lines. The company intends to use this new
non-destructive testing technique to improve the validation of
composites, in particular carbon fibre. This new technology
offers important advantages compared to current options, as
ultrasonics are generated directly on the material, the angle of
incidence of the beam can be varied 45 times more than conventional
technology, coupling is not required and there is no
contact between the scanner and the area inspected. The system
has already been installed on the Technocampus EMC2
in Nantes (France), the technological centre for the industrial
application of composites jointly created by Airbus, EADS-IW
and CETIM.

Monday, January 10, 2011 (All day)